Cultural Salon

Building a Community

The Cultural Salon

(Starting Winter 2020)

 The cultural salon at Syriana is a response to our patrons' overwhelming thirst for a community that shares a deeper look at the mundane, explore new horizons, and a desire to revisit ones ideas rather than bunkering behind them. Hosted in the Walker-Chandler building (built ca. 1790) in Old Ellicott City, a place that served as an informal inn embracing visitors to the town provides the perfect venue for this project.

Throughout history, such venues were both the stronghold of traditions and the catalyzer of progress. As our communities face deepening and widening schisms, these communal gatherings are needed now more than ever.

Our program will include two components :

  1. Cultural Forum: A monthly gathering of in our large diner with social dinner followed by a featured talk followed by discussion. Topics would focus on original take on relevant issues from local community topics to world affairs, from scientific discoveries to ancient philosophical and theological questions that haunted humanity.

2.  Jeffersonian Dinner-styled gatherings of small focus-groups of individual with common interest and different perspectives engaging in egalitarian, facilitated  discussions on a routine basis . special focus whether it is a discipline of study or a social challenge.

We eagerly look forward to this experiment and hope it will enrich your lives and bring out community even closer.

Please, join your community here...

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the salon as we create it. This will also allow us to notify you about our upcoming activities.