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Syriana Cafe


Built in the 1790s of local granite into a gigantic rock bed, the Walker-Chandler building still stands tall, despite the many devastating floods, more like an old-world structure challenging the passing of time, providing an exceptional experience of history on its own.

In designing the interior of the building, we aimed to create an eclectic environment varying across the three floors. We were keen to enhance the unique character of this gorgeous structure and complement it with traditional Syrian decor, and furnish it with elements all designed and handmade by the owners on-site.


The original Old-World Bazaar feeling of this floor is captivating. We uncovered the gorgeous granite fireplaces, previously hidden under stucco, highlighted the original wood beams spanning the building, and furnished with unique crafts all around.

The unique window and outdoor seating areas are our customer's favorites providing a soothing dining experience while enjoying the vibrant Main St. Make sure to take it if available, you will not regret it.

Syriana Cafe
Syriana Cafe


The second floor is our main dinner room with a large open space mimicking courthouses of traditional Syrian homes, featuring a wall decorated with mesmerizing mother-of-pearl inlay wall.

Make sure to check out the unique Syrian handicrafts for sale, including mother-of-pearl inlay woodwork, mosaic work, and metal crafts.

Syriana Cafe


The third floor is our most diverse floor. Preserving the original room divisions, we created unique dining, shopping, and entertainment experience for small and large groups in the differently sized rooms.

The Board Room is the largest room on this floor: for board meetings, board games, and bored people Furnished with a custom-made 12-foot communal table built on-site (you will realize that it is impossible to get such a large table up there with the cute little staircases of this historical building)

This room is perfect for your special occasions and entertainment gatherings, accommodating parties of up to 15 people with media presentation capability and plenty of board games, including exotic handmade backgammon, chess, and checkers board boxes for sale.

Syriana Cafe


Our Damask room is the textile room featuring a unique heritage industry of Damascus, the capital of Syria since antiquity (hence the name Damask). With exquisite damask table throws, runners, place-mats, and more for sale, this room provides a warm, sophisticated gathering place for parties of 10 people

Syriana Cafe


The third floor is our most diverse floor. Preserving the original room divisions, we created unique dining, shopping, and entertainment experience for small and large groups in the differently sized rooms.

The Brocade Room is the perfect setup for a romantic dinner of two. This small corner decorated with elegant brocade silk products, another heritage industry of Damascus, provides a unique, calm space for your special occasion.


Reservations for large parties and special occasions are made via email at info@syrianacafe.com or FB messenger

Syriana Cafe


Syriana is not just a place for great food, it is a cultural hub that will immerse you in rich Syrian-themed cuisine, crafts, and conversations.

Searching for our first home in America, the resemblance of this winding Main street to our hometown of Swaida, Syria, was what made us make it home. As we embarked on the mission to showcase the beautiful, millennia-old heritage of our distressed homeland, charming Old Ellicott City was simply the natural place. Now hosted in one of the oldest duplexes in the county, this 3-story building of local granite dating back to 1790 makes us feel at home.

Coffee shops in Syria are community builders, places where music is played, poetry is recited, and ideas meet. Everything we do, from our authentic Syrian food, amazing handmade crafts and textiles, and a plethora of cultural events featuring live music, spoken words, and cultural salons, is to recreate that experience.

From the rustic tables and unique woodwork made by the owner himself, to the exposed granite fireplaces, and the captivating character of this historical building, everything here is made with love, and we are sure you will feel it.


We are always thrilled to see that from our small shop on Main Street America, our delicious food, warm ambiance, and social mission are featured in major media outlets. Thanks to you, our patrons, who made all this possible.

Syriana Cafe