About our Events

Building a Community

Our Vision

We host a variety of art performances featuring different arts and genres. Our three-floor venue allows for an eclectic experience whether you were seeking a concert feel on the second floor or wanting to enjoy ambiance music while enjoying our food, drinks, and conversations.

Our programs include:

  1. World Music Series: Saturday evening host a variety of music genres from around the world include New Orleans Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, French Lounge Music, Flamenco, and of course Levantine/Arabic/Syrian music.
  2.  Local Folks Nights: they happen on Fridays evenings featuring local artist and band playing a variety of genres including Classic Rock, Folk Music, Indie music and more
  3.  Spoken-words event: we host local literary groups events including a featured poet and open mic session every second Sunday of each month from 3 to 5 pm. We are expanding our literary arts program through our Cultural Salon