Syriana Cafe


No, Gelato is not Syrian Ice Cream, but here is why we have it.

Opening Syriana Café and Gallery in late 2017, we planned to introduce Booza, an iconic Syrian ice cream the following summer; the introduction was postponed due to the Ellicott City summer flood.

Working on the logistics, however, we realized Booza can’t be kept in regular ice cream freezers as those have lower temperatures, making it freeze like a rock. Looking for alternatives we dove into the intriguing world of ice desserts with a dazzling history of alchemy. We found Gelato, the famous Italian iced dessert, to be a cousin to Booza and can cohabitate together.

We identified an amazing Artisan gelato maker, Palazzolo’s, to furnish our display with exotic flavors awaiting to be accompanied by our own Booza this summer.

Stay tuned for our blog on the history and alchemy of iced desserts. In the interim, join the conversation. Do you know what is the difference between ice cream, Gelato, and Booza? Any favorite? Share with us your answers below.

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