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The Mezza: More than Starters it is a Celebration of Food
Mezza describes a number of small-plates used as anti-pasti in the Eastern-Mediterranean and Central Asia.
The word could be derived from Persian Maze meaning “to snack”. In Arabic, Mezza means to sip, and also refers to sweat-sour food eaten with drinks.
While sharing the same name, Mezza’s components vary between regions, even those dishes that share the same name.
In subsequent blogs, I will discuss the different components of the Syrian variety and their characteristics.
In Syria, and the Levant in general, Mezza is frequently enjoyed as a meal in its own right; the Mezza Sampler at SyrianCafe follows in this tradition.
This lovely, artistically crafted platter, takes you on a mesmerizing tour in a lovely world of fresh, healthy ingredients, handsome compositions, charming aromas, and heavenly flavors.
It has become our guests most desired dish, exactly how it is in Syria. It is frequently THE plate, especially amongst our vegan and vegetarian guests.
Mezza Rules.