Amazing Food & Great Vibes

Brining Authentic Syrian Food and Experience to You

Syrian-Themed Restaurant In Ellicott City



Syriana is not just a place for great food, it is a cultural hub that will immerse you in rich Syrian-themed cuisine, crafts, and conversations.

Searching for our first home in America, the resemblance of this winding Main street to our hometown of Swaida, Syria, was what made us make it home. As we embarked on the mission to showcase the beautiful, millennia-old heritage of our distressed homeland, charming Old Ellicott City was simply the natural place. Now hosted in one of the oldest duplexes in the county, this 3-story building of local granite dating back to 1790 makes us feel at home.

Coffee shops in Syria are community builders, places where music is played, poetry is recited, and ideas meet. Everything we do, from our authentic Syrian food, amazing handmade crafts and textiles, and a plethora of cultural events featuring live music, spoken words, and cultural salons, is to recreate that experience.

From the rustic tables and unique woodwork made by the owner himself, to the exposed granite fireplaces, and the captivating character of this historical building, everything here is made with love, and we are sure you will feel it.

Syriana Cafe